CyberHygiene™ Services

Know first and REMEDIATE, be in the know about your exposure in the Dark Web
Dark Web Scan

Dark Web Scan is a service that uses our CyberHygiene™ AI tool to crawl the Dark Web and other global darknet market places to index stolen and compromised credentials. The scan is a one-time service. When a credential matches our client request, a one-time report is generated with the details of the record found.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web monitoring uses the CyberHygiene™ AI tool to continuously crawl the Dark Web and other global darknet market places to index stolen and compromised credentials.

Dark Web monitoring continuously assesses the health of your enterprise domain and your email account to protect identity.

Dark Web monitoring sends an alert to an organization immediately there is a breach and the subscriber credentials are discovered in the Dark Web.

Dark Web monitoring detects organization user’ credentials such as email addresses, usernames, and passwords that have been compromised in a third-party data breach and alerts the organization for action to prevent account takeover using the credential.

Benefits of CyberHygiene™ Dark Web Monitoring Service
  • Business can focus on their business while CyberHygiene™ monitors your organizations online identity.
  • Mitigate Account Takeover (ATO) on your domain.
  • Proactively prevent data breach chain with early detection of compromised credentials.
  • Protects the high-profile identities of executives and privileged accounts.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and alert notification.

CyberHygiene™ provides a comprehensive remediation plans to secure organization identity. Organizations must be proactive when fighting identity theft and account takeover. CyberHygiene™ provides written remediation steps based on the NIST (National Institute of Standards) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

Account Takeover (ATO) Prevention

CyberHygiene™ provides early warning of a data breach containing organization’s users and domain information which gives our clients the needed advantages before ATO and Credential stuffing is launched.

During Account Takeover (ATO) malicious individuals gains access to an account and carries out unauthorized use of the account.

CyberHygiene™ designs and assists to implement a risk management systems to proactively validate the use of an account to break or delay continuous misuse of user and domain accounts that have been taken over by cybercriminals.

Additional Services
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    These are specially designed sessions for the organization’s executives and members of staff. Each session provides real-life use cases and scenarios on the emerging cyber threats and practical risk management strategies, tactics, and operations to manage cyber threats.

    We Offer:

    • Executive sessions

      High-level interactive governance, compliance, and risk-based session.

    • End-users sessions

      In-depth and operations-based session

  • CSRAM (Cyber Security Resiliency Assessment Model)

    A policy-driven risk management framework that provides visibility to the business threat landscape to address current and future business threats and assists organizations in designing and implementing threat hunting and risk mitigation strategies.

  • CSRAM (Cyber Security Resiliency Audit Model)

    The audit entails a review of the design and management of policies, procedures, and operations of IT infrastructure to determine the effectiveness of IT governance and operations and establishes performance measurement for improvement.

  • Cyber Security Governance Framework

    This entails the design and development of policies and procedures that direct the planning, delivery, and evaluation of technology services and assists with the implementation of information security practices designed to protect and secure Information Technology (IT) resources and infrastructure in compliance with relevant regulations.